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24 April 2014
Lone Pine cemetery at Gallipoli, the final resting place of many ANZAC soldiers. Photo by Esther Lee on flickr.

New book lays Gallipoli legend to rest

The Gallipoli campaign of 1915 is not solely about the ANZACs, according to new research by ANU war historian.

23 April 2014
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Photo from fotopedia.

More than a wing and a prayer

New Joint Strike Fighters will give Australia the edge, says defence expert.

23 April 2014
Meri, a victim of sorcery-related violence. Photo by Vlad Sokhin.

PNG still struggling with sorcery related killings

Papua New Guinea needs to do more to address the long-standing issue, says expert.

17 April 2014
A Chinese soldier patrols the border with Myanmar. Photo by AFP.

Boom times and boom gates

On Myanmar’s borders with China everything is for sale – including people, reports OLIVIA CABLE.

16 April 2014
Will Narendra Modi and his BJP bring back India's glory days? Photo by AFP.

Manifesto destiny

From Wi-Fi in every village, an end to all corruption and 100 new cities, IAN HALL asks whether election favourites, the BJP, can really deliver a ‘revitalised’ and ‘glorious’ India.

16 April 2014
A young supporter of Indonesia's National Awakening Party (PKB). Photo by AFP.

Leap of faith

Political Islam is on the rebound in Indonesia, writes GREG FEALY.

15 April 2014
A young boy stands on rubbish in Mumbai's slums. Photo by Brett Davies on flickr.

Poor returns

India’s elections promise business as usual for the country’s wealthy and ongoing grinding poverty for its most poor of poor, writes PAUL KENNY.

14 April 2014
Candidates ran highly personalised campaigns that failed to capitalise on the Jokowi effect. Photo credit by Marcus Mietzner.

From the ground up

The emergence of ‘ground war’ campaigning may explain the failure of the ‘Jokowi effect’ in Indonesia's parliamentary elections.

11 April 2014
A commanding majority is out of sight for Jokowi and the PDI-P. Photo by AFP.

X-factor falls flat

‘Jokowi factor’ more fizzle than firepower in Indonesia’s parliamentary elections, writes TOM POWER.

10 April 2014
Could Aburizal Bakrie (centre) and his Golkar party be the lynchpin in a PDI-P led coalition? Photo by AFP.

Turn for the best

In the wake of Wednesday's legislative elections, Indonesia could be set for more progressive politics, writes DOMINIC BERGER.


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