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18 February 2014
Michael Kirby delivers the UN's report on human rights abuses in North Korea. Photo by AFP.

Dealing with human rights abuses in North Korea

Three experts give their thoughts on how the world should act on human rights abuses in North Korea.

17 February 2014

ASEAN to declare its hand on human rights

ASEAN’s Declaration of Human Rights might flatter to deceive when released this July, but it won’t be an opportunity lost.

17 February 2014

A league of their own

A game-changing Pacific studies camp is turning rugby league stars into leaders.

17 February 2014

Australia-Thai ties written in stone

A little-known memorial in Canberra shows the strong historical links between Australia and Thailand.

17 February 2014
Photo by Paul Townsend on flickr.

I want to be anarchy

With pet lizards and baked beans banned, SUSAN HARRIS RIMMER gets her rabble rouser on, and asks will dare protest at Brisbane’s G20 Summit.

14 February 2014
Dr John Blaxland. Photo by Penny Bradfield.

Flag poll: vexing vexillological view put to the vote

New Aussie flag design put to test with online poll.

12 February 2014
Defence Minister David Johnston stands behind an Australian flag - and the navy. Photo by AFP.


Defence Minister has not covered himself in glory with his attack on the ABC over asylum seeker reporting, writes WILLIAM MALEY.

10 February 2014
Sex videos don’t always depict Indonesian politicians in a flattering light

Sex, lies and politicians

Indonesian politicians quite often star inadvertently in sex videos. But it doesn’t seem to hurt them much, writes EDWARD ASPINALL.

07 February 2014
Australian flag design by John Blaxland. Artwork by Sancho Murphy.

Standard bearer

In the second half of this two-part series, JOHN BLAXLAND explains the motives and design behind his proposed new Australian flag.

06 February 2014

China is rising, yet we cling to the old Asian order

The latest defence white paper will fail again, unless there is a change of heart, writes HUGH WHITE.


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